Celestial Events Captured on New German Stamps

14 Mar 2019  Thu

On 2nd February, Germany released two new €0.70 postage stamps from its Celestial Events series. One stamp shows a part of a rainbow. Bettina Walter designed the stamp and it’s based on a photo taken by Claudia Hinz. The original photo depicts the rainbow fragment, dark clouds and one of Germany’s highest mountains, Hochwanner.

The other stamp depicts a distorted rectangle-shaped image of the Sun over the North Atlantic. The original photo shown in the stamp design was taken by Melia Ritzal near Bordeaux, France. The stamps were printed by offset in panes of 10 and booklets of 20 by Giesecke and Devrient.

From calamities of rare species and their characteristics, nature has unusual ways of surprising us. Some of these celestial events are commonly seen while others could simply be an illusion for the human eye. To choose such an interesting theme for stamp design is truly amazing. Let’s hope to see many more events like these captured on stamps from this series.

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Image Courtesy: Deutsche Post

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