Banknote Celebrates Czechoslovakian Koruna’s 100th Anniversary

04 Mar 2019  Mon

On 31st January, Czechoslovakia released its first-ever commemorative banknote. The 100-koruna note celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Czechoslovakian koruna. The note has a width of 84 millimetres and length o194 millimetres. It is made of and contains orange protective fibres as well. The obverse side of the note depicts a portrait of the first Czechoslovak minister of finance - Alois Rasin, the Czech National Bank headquarters in Prague and the “Genius with a Lion” statue. Other security elements include an optically variable ink which changes colour from green to gold, intaglio leaves, the denomination 100 and CNB 100 in micro-text etc. The primary colours used are yellow, orange and brown.

The reverse side depicts an allegorical figure of the Republic in a Phrygian cap, covered with a laurel twig. The real statue is situated outside the State Printing Works of Securities in Prague. Pictures of the earlier headquarters of the Banking Office of the Ministry of Finance - Schebek Palace, and the National Bank of Czechoslovakia are also featured on the reverse. Other elements include the coat of arms of the Czech Republic, and year-dates marking the 100th anniversary “1919” and “2019”.

Image Courtesy: Czech National Bank

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