Coinage of Vibhaji of Nawanagar Princely State

01 Mar 2019  Fri

Nawanagar Princely State was located in Kathiawar on the south of the Gulf of Kutch. The region is known as Jamnagar city. Nawanagar was ruled by Jadeja dynasty from 1540 AD to 1948 AD. Jam Shri Rawalji established Nawanagar near the banks of Nagmati and Rangmati. He was a descendent of Jam Halla who claimed to be heir of Lord Krishna.

Vibhaji ruled the Nawanagar state from 1852 to 1894 AD. During the reign he issued gold, silver, and copper coins from Nawanagar mint. These coins were struck in the denomination of Kori, Dokdo, Trambiyo.

Depicted above is silver 5 Kori issued during the reign of Vibhaji. The obverse of a coin depicted the legend ‘Shri Jam Vibhaji’ and Value in Devanagari and ‘Muzaffar’ in Persian script. The reverse of a coin has VS date in Gujarati.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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