Traditional craft of India: Handlooms

2019-02-22 Fri

Handloom industry in India rolled its looms back from ancient times, the first evidence of the Indian looms was detected in Egypt after that finely woven and dyed cotton fabric was found in Indus Valley civilization. The Veda’s also talk about the gold fabric and the different weaving styles. The traditional handloom we see today has been one of the oldest forms, even the Buddhist scriptures talk about them.

Indian had many different looms prior to independence like Silk, cotton and Jute which were hand-woven. Khadi was the most prevalent material at that point in time. The advance in technology changes the weaving techniques and different kind of fabric came into being.

To celebrate this precious innovation of this land, India Post issued five set of Stamp depicting Kashmir Pashmina, Baluchari Saree, Bhagalpur Silk, Pochampally Ikat and Tangaliya Shawl in 2018.

Image Courtesy: exclusivecoins.blogspotom