Copper Kachcha Paisa of Ratlam State

20 Feb 2019  Wed

Ratlam was a Princely State located in the Malwa Agency of Central India during the British Raj. Its boundaries touch to the territories of the Jaora and Pratabgarh towards north side, Gwalior to the east, Dhar, Kushalgarh and Indore to the south and Banswara to the west side.

The state was founded by Ratan Singh in 1652. The royal lineage of Ratlam state belongs to the ruling family of Rathore Rajputs of Jodhpur. In early period Ratlam became premier of Rajput state in the western region of Malwa. This state saw the dominions of Mughals and Marathas and later came under the protection of British and became a part of Central Agency.

Rulers of Ratlam issued copper coins during the reign. These coins portray the various symbols such as a dagger, running Hanuman, Horse, and Lion etc.

The above shown Raij type copper Kachcha Paisa was issued from Ratlam state. The obverse of a coin stylized Chhatra (Umbrella) and Aftabgiri (Sun-Shield) symbols. The reverse has cartouche with legend Raij.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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