Coin of Chamba Princely State

14 Feb 2019  Thu

Chamba was a Princely State located in Punjab Province during the British Raj in India. It was established in 550 AD. The rulers of Chamba Princely state belonged to the Mushana Rajput Dynasty.

Rulers of state-issued copper coins. Most of them had the Trishul mint mark with Nagari legend. According to the Gazette of Chamba State, the copper coin was called chakli, five of which made an anna. There was no traditional silver or gold coinage.

Sri Singh ruled the state from 1844 to 1870 AD. During the reign, he also issued copper coinage. One of the examples of his coinage is depicted above. Both obverse and reverse of a coin bore the Devanagari legend and trident.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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