Montenegro Stamps Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Mimosa Festival

12 Feb 2019  Tue

Montenegro Post released special 0.50 EUR postage stamps to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mimosa Festival of Herceg Novi. It is a very important event in the history of Montenegro which has attracted tourism in the city over the years. Officials of Montenegro Post encouraged people to send letters to their loved ones from Herceg Novi using the newly released postage stamp. They believe that the stamp will surely help spread awareness about the wonderful festival and the State of Montenegro as well.

The stamps are printed on sheets of 20. It depicts a decorative mimosa flower and a symbol denoting 50th anniversary of the festival. The primary colours used to print the stamps include white, green and yellow. A ceremonial event was organised to release and promote the stamp on 8th February in the Park Hall in Herceg Novi.

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Image Courtesy: Montenegro Post

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