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Silver Rupee of Chakradhvaja Simha

08 Feb 2019  Fri

The Ahom Kingdom flourished for 600 years in the Brahmaputra Valley of present-day Assam. Ruled by the Ahom dynasty, the kingdom resisted Mughal expansion with great success. The founder of the kingdom, Sukhaphaa, was a Tai prince of the Mong Mao region.

Ahom coinage makes the fascinating study as it offers a unique case of tracing history and evolution of a culture and an economy, from it coins.

Chakradhvaja Simha rules the Ahom kingdom from 1663 to 1670 AD. During the reign, he issued silver and gold coins in the denomination of Mohur and Rupee. These coins are found in octagonal and round shape.

Depicted here is silver Rupee belongs to his reign. The obverse of a coin depicts the Ahom legend ‘Kao Boi Pha Ta-Ra Heu Ciu’ while reverse inscribed with ‘Chao Pha siu-Pung-mung Pin Canlak-ni Plek-ngi’.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auctions

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