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Constantius III became a Co-Emperor

08 Feb 2019  Fri

Today on this day in 421 Constantius III becomes the Co-Emperor of the Western Roman Empire.
Constantius III was born in Naissus, Moesia. He began his career in the Roman army, becomes a Magister Militum (Master of the soldiers) under Emperor Honorius. Constantius helped to restrain the revolt of Constantine III a Roman general who declared himself emperor.
His capability allows him to gain huge influence over the Western Roman Empire. For this reason, Honorius bestowed many honours upon him. In 417 he married the emperor’s half-sister Aelia Galla Placidia. Later, on 8 February 421, Honorius made Constantius co-Western Emperor.
During the reign, he issued gold Solidus and silver Siliqua. Depicted above is gold Solidus issued during his period from Ravenna mint. The obverse of a coin depicts the bust of a king wearing Diadem, drape and cuirass. The reverse shows Constantius as a general, holding Victory in one hand and a captive enemy in the other.
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