The 1930 Postage Due Stamp of US

02 Feb 2019  Sat

Postage due is the term used for mail sent with insufficient postage. A postage due stamp is a stamp added to an underpaid piece of mail to indicate the extra postage due.

Postage due stamps are usually pretty utilitarian in design, and U.S. postage dues are no exception. The designs of all U.S. postage due stamps have been based on the numeral of value. The stamp shown in the image is a classic example of a Postage Due Stamps issued by USPS.

The stamp is denominated 10 cents and was issued in the year 1930 with carmine colour. The stamp depicts the denomination value in the numeral in the centre on the background of the intricate geometrical design.

Above the central design value, the stamp depicts an inscription “POSTAGE DUE”. The stamp is inscribed with the name of the nation at the top and the denomination value at the bottom. At very fine mint never hinged condition this 10 cent stamp may fetch up to USD 95.

Postage due stamps have turned out to be good collectibles and are being a major attraction of the collectors worldwide.

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