New Half Dollar Banknote of Bahamas

31 Jan 2019  Thu

The Central Bank of Bahamas released a new $½ banknote on 24th January. It’s the 4th release from the bank’s CRISP Evolution (CE) family of banknotes. The banknote has been completely redesigned for the first time after 1984.

The primary colour of the banknote is grey while the secondary colours are green, blue, coral, lilac and red. Its length is 156 mm and breadth is 67 mm. The obverse side features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, the series, signature of the Governor of the Central Bank and text “Central Bank of The Bahamas. The left-hand side depicts a watermark of Queen Elizabeth II, numeral $½, a Bahamas map, denomination in words and figures, and a Strongback flower image.

The reverse side depicts a vignette of Sister Sarah in the Straw Market, numeral $½ in upper left and lower right corners, words “Fifty Cents” in upper right quadrant, Coat of Arms of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and text “Central Bank of The Bahamas”.

Image Courtesy: The Central Bank of Bahamas

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