Interesting Medals to be Auctioned for Reasonable Prices

19 Jan 2019  Sat

Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles will be offering two interesting medals during the Pre-Long Beach auction on 27th January. One medal was struck in the year 1962 in Israel. The designs of this medal are inspired by an ancient coin from the Judaea Capta type that was issued by Vespasian in 70 A.D. after the First Revolt. The 5 grams medal is made of 0.750 fine gold and has a diameter of 19 millimetres. The obverse side of this medal replicates the obverse design of the Roman Judaea Capta coin. However, the reverse side shows a modern design of a palm tree, Jewish pioneer planting crops and mother holding a baby.

The coin is in Choice Brilliant Uncirculated condition and is being offered at an estimated value of $125 to $150, only about thrice the value of the coin’s precious metal content.

The other medal was struck in 1792 by Andre Galle to commemorate the first year of the French Republic. The obverse side features a portrait of Liberty with a Phrygian cap on a pole over her shoulder, her hair left open behind. A similar design is featured on Libertas Americana medals from France, that were issued as per requests from Benjamin Franklin. America’s first half cent, issued in 1793 also depicts an inspired design.

Graded PCGS MS 62, the medal has a diameter of 38 millimetres and features a beautiful light toning. It is being offered at an estimated value of $400 to $500 only. The price is very reasonable considering the fact that similar American coins are sold for lakhs of dollars.

Image Courtesy: Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles

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