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Remembering K. L. Saigal

18 Jan 2019  Fri

Godly, unique and crown of singing is K.L.Saigal.

K.L.Saigal is considered as the first superstar of the Hindi film industry that was centred in Kolkata at that time. He was also a singer who sung around 180 songs and acted in 36 movies throughout his career. Saigal never received orthodox musical training but he sang his way to people heart. The way he sang has left a benchmark that even today it is followed.

In 1932, he entered the world of films when standing in for an absent singer. Till 1947 came Saigal already acted in 8 Bengal films and 29 hind films. Rabindranath Tagore highly praised him for his mastery over the Rabindra Sangeet.

This standing legend of the Hindi Cinema passed away today on 18th Jan 1947, his distinctive singing was revered and idolised by the first generation of post-independence Hindi Film playback singers.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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