Mongolia to Introduce New 5000 Tugrik Note with Better Security Features

15 Jan 2019  Tue

Apart from circulating currency and maintaining national reserves, the Bank of Mongolia is also responsible for taking anti-counterfeiting measures in Mongolia. High denomination banknotes like 5000, 10000 and 20000 tugrik notes are duplicated for carrying our illegal activities. The central bank has been implementing better security features on elements which can be easily identified.

The bank will be releasing new 5000 MNT note with better security features which are either impossible or extremely expensive to duplicate. 3D technology and a Spark Inkjet element will be used to create a unique feature which changes colour upon tilting the note. The bank has announced that the upgraded banknotes will be released within the first four months of 2019, subject to orders received from the Governor of the Bank of Mongolia. All the earlier notes of the denomination 5000 tugrik’s note will remain legal tender.

Image Courtesy: Bank of Mongolia

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