Copper Paisa of Raja Bharat Shah

14 Jan 2019  Mon

The ruling family of Makrai belonged to the Raj Gonds and claimed high antiquity of descent and jurisdiction extending in former times over the whole of the Harda tahsils. There is however no historical evidence in support of their pretensions and all that is known is that they were deprived by Sindhia and Peshwa of the forest tracts of Kalibhit and Charwa. The chiefs were given the title of ‘Raja Hatiyarai’ which was conferred upon them by the emperors of Delhi.

Raja Bharat Shah ruled the state from 1886 to 1920 AD. The only coins ever minted in the state were the copper Paisa under British protection. These coins were issued in a square and round shape.

This copper Paisa of Raja Bharat Shah was sold for INR 4,400 by Classical Numismatic Gallery. The obverse of this coin depicts the Dagger while the reverse of a coin inscribed with the Devanagari legend ‘Makrai’.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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