Ghana's ‘World without the Bomb’ Stamp

11 Jan 2019  Fri

In June 1962, the “World without the Bomb” conference was held in Ghana. The stamps advocating world peace and non-nuclear proliferation were issued which come with different themes.

Stamps commemorating this “Accra Assembly” had similar symbols promoting nonalignment and world peace. One among them was ‘World without the Bomb’ Stamp. Issued on 21st June 1962, the stamp designed by the Israeli artist Maxim Shamir.

This 6 Ghanaian penny worth stamp featured a graphic of an exploded atomic bomb in the shape of a skull on a terrifying background of red and black. The stamp is inscribed with “The World without the Bomb” on the top. The centre image is flanked by “Accra Assembly” and “21st to 28th June 1962”.

The issuance of these stamps was in protest of the development of nuclear power in Africa, especially as a weapon of war for the colonial powers.

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