Death Anniversary of Keshub Chandra Sen

08 Jan 2019  Tue

The great Indian Philosopher and social reformer, Keshub Chandra Sen breathed his last on 8th January 1838. He was considered as the third great leader of the Brahmo Samaj.

Keshab Chandra Sen was born into an affluent Vaidya family of Calcutta on 19th November 1838. He graduated from the Hindu College, which was founded in 1817. He made a deep study of Sanskrit literature and his philosophy was strongly influenced by Biblical teaching.

In his career, he set up many educational, social and spiritual institutions. In 1855 he founded an evening school for the children of working men. In 1854 he was also briefly appointed as Secretary of the Asiatic Society. He is not only a religious and social reformer but also a profound nationalist.

To honor a prophet of Brahmoism, India post has issued a commemorative postage stamp in 1980. This 30 Paise stamp depicts the portrait of the Keshab Chandra Sen.

Image Source: Mintage World

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