UNRRA Stamps of Haiti

29 Dec 2018  Sat

The Republic of Haiti issued a set of three Postal Tax stamps on 22nd December 1945 incorporated in the Series called UNRRA.

UNRRA stands for United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration which is an international relief agency. UNRRA aims at collecting funds to help the war victim nations. The UNRRA series stamps are one such initiative. Being Postal Tax stamps, the money generated by purchasing of the stamps is diverted to the rehabilitation of the nations involved in war.

The stamps depict a local Haitian woman standing with her arms spread in the manner she is welcoming those who have suffered a loss in the war. On the background a hospital building stands out along with the distinct symbol.

This set of three stamps aims at helping the victims of World War II.

Image Courtesy: https://colnect.com

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