Argentina’s Latest $ 100 Banknote

28 Dec 2018  Fri

On 19th December, Argentina officially started circulating a new 100 pesos banknote featuring a picture of an indigenous deer named taruca. The deer can be seen in Argentine Northwest’s emblem as well. The new notes will be circulated along with the other notes of the same denomination which are currently in circulation. The new banknotes complete the Native Animals of Argentina series.

A $ 50 note depicting a condor was released this year. A $ 1000 note featuring a horner and a $ 20 note depicting a guanaco was released in 2017. A $ 200 showing the southern right whale and a $ 500 featuring the yaguarete were released in 2016. The new notes are better in quality and come with improved security features. The 100 peso bill was officially launched on 18th December at School No. 44 Jose Ignacio Gorriti in León, Jujuy. Several important dignitaries from the central bank were present at the launch event.

The watermark features a portrait of the taruca. It’s seen at the lower part, denomination "100" and the security thread. A band shows repeated and alternate legends "$ 100" and "BCRA". The footprint of a taruca can be partially seen on the lefthand side of the watermark. The other portion of the footprint is completed by transparency on the reverse side. The intaglio print shows a portrait of the taruca and codes so that visually impaired persons can identify denominations. The green motifs showcase yellow luminescence when held in ultraviolet light. The obverse design is vertically aligned while the reverse is horizontally aligned. A representative figure of a taruca for children can be seen on the lower left corner.

Image Courtesy: The Central Bank of the Argentine Republic

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