Surashtra Janapada Coins

27 Dec 2018  Thu

Surashtra was a Janapada during the ancient period in India. Today it is located in modern-day Saurashtra or the Kathaiwad peninsula in Gujarat.

We can find the mention of Surashtra in epic books like ‘Ramayana’ and in ‘Mahabharata’. In Ramayana, the name ‘Surashtra’ is applied to the country from Sind to Bharuch (Today’s Kutch). Dwarka, the city from where Lord Krishna ruled, is located in Northern Saurashtra. It is said that Republican people of Surashtra are mostly known as agriculturist, traders or warriors. From some of the historical evidence, it is also found that during the ‘Pre-Mauryan period, Saurashtra Janapada was a republic. From one of the epigraphical evidence, it is also found that during the reign of Chandragupta Maurya, Surashtra Janapada was annexed to the Maurya Empire.

Most of the coins from this Janapada are found from Junagadh district. This janapada had issued coins like Quarter-Krashpana, 2 Mashaka, and Mashaka.

Image Courtesy: Imperial Auction

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