First Stamps of Georgia as the Democratic Republic of Georgia

15 Dec 2018  Sat

The first stamps of Georgia as the Democratic Republic of Georgia were issued on 26 May 1919.

Georgia is in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Situated at the juncture of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Georgia, at the beginning of the 19th century, was annexed by the Russian Empire. During this brief period of independence, Georgia issued a set of six stamps.

These stamps came with different denominations such as 10 Russian kopek, 40 Russian kopek, 50 Russian kopek, 60 Russian kopek, 70 Russian kopek, 1 Russian ruble. All these stamps feature St. George in the centre in the ornamental frame along with two sun and five stars above. At the top, the stamps are inscribed with the name of the country and the denomination in numerals at the bottom.

The 1 Russian Ruble stamp is a bit different. The frame that surrounds St. George has become a little bit oval where as the denomination in numerals is replaced by an inscription in local script.

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