Seven Wonders of India: Hampi

02 May 2018  Wed

The mighty capital city of the glories Vijayanagar Empire, Hampi stands ruin and empty today. These outstanding ruins represent the most amazing architectural and cultural wonder of India.  It is one of the most prosperous cities in the world and was established between 1324 to 1565 CE.

Hampi is known for its fascinating Hindu temples and monuments. The structure of the Virupaksha temple reflects the religious and the scientific brilliance of that time. This city is also adorned by the queen’s bath, commander hall, the Vittala temple and the Narasimha.

This architectural marvel is undertaken by the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The lore of this city also connects to the ancient epic of Ramayana, this city was the capital of monkey king Sugriva. The historical and scientific dating pushes Hampi’s past to 1st century CE.

Hampi projects a peaceful and awe-inspiring experience, every corner of this great city sing the tale of its glorious past. To promote the importance of this man-made wonder, the Indian government has issued INR 50 banknote, it depicts the stone chariot of Hampi on its reverse side.

India Post has also issued a definitive stamp in 1967. This stamp also depicts the stone chariot of Hampi.

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