Gupta Dynasty: Golden Age of India

10 Apr 2018  Tue

Starting from a small kingdom in Magadha, the Gupta Empire gradually extended their rule over a large part of the Indian subcontinent. Their rule is considered as the "Golden Age" or the “Classical Period” of India.

A long period of peace and prosperity helped create an atmosphere conducive to the cultural advent and social growth. This period is marked with developments in various sectors like mathematics, science, astronomy, religion, art etc. The flourishing state of the economy is ascertained by a large number of gold coins circulated by different Gupta rulers. Famous for their gold coins, the Gupta numismatic art has an abundance of coins in the variety of designs.

Gupta coinage reached the height of metallurgy and iconography. The Gupta gold coins are known as Dinars and they are the most extraordinary examples of numismatic and artistic excellence.

We are soon uploading a blog on Gupta Numismatic art. Stay tuned to read it!

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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