Rare Two Pound Error Coin Sold for £1,000

27 Feb 2018  Tue

A rare two-pound error coin featuring a scene from WWI is being sold online for £1,000. Text on the edge inscription has been printed upside down, which is why it has a good market value. The text should ideally be up when the Queen's head is facing up.

The Sure Shield of Britain £2 coin features a ship with a mast reaching the skies. The sea has harsh waves while birds and a plane are shown in the background. It was released by Royal Mint in 2005 to observe Centenary of the First World War. United Kingdom £2 coin honoring The Royal Navy was also released after that. The coin depicts the strength of Navy which led to UK’s victory in the First World War.

The coin is already one of the rarest £2 coins. To top it, it also has a minting error, making it more valuable.

Image Courtesy Royal Mint

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