Estonia Celebrates Centenary with a Silver Stamp

27 Feb 2018  Tue

“Esti Post” (Post of Estonia) has issued the first Pure Silver Stamp. This special release raises a toast to the most important historical event i.e. the completion of 100 years to the Formation of the Republic of Estonia.

The Republic of Estonia is a sovereign state in Northern Europe. Situated between the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland, the country – Estonia has a rich History dating back to the Prehistoric Times. The Country was Christianized during a crusade in the 13th century and was under the influence of German, Danish, Swedish, and Russian rule.

Estonians experienced a national awakening in the 19th century. Though on 24 February 1918 independence was declared, it remained for a very short period. During World War II, Estonia suffered successive occupations by Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and the Soviet Union again. Finally, in 1991, Estonia has been a democratic unitary parliamentary republic with its capital Tallinn.

This postage stamp was issued to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia on 24th Feb-2018, is made up of Pure Silver. Designed by an Estonian Stamp Artist Indrek Ilves, the stamp features the image of large Estonian Emblem.

The stamp costs €10 and all stamps are packed in transparent plastic protective caps.

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