Monthly Online Auctions by MintProducts Auctions

24 Feb 2018  Sat

MintProducts Auctions has started organizing monthly online auctions starting this year. The number of bids and bidders are increasing with every auction. The January sale offered 200 lots and over 3,300 bids. Initially, fewer coins were hosted online so that consignor’s items are not overlooked like they are in large auctions. Every auction closes at the end of month. Bidding starts on the first week of a month. Photos, detailed descriptions, and estimates are listed on the site. Both raw and certified coins are sold during these auctions. More importance is given to quality certified coins and currency. February 2018 Online Auction will close on 25th February. More than 300 different lots are being sold without reserve and more than 2,500 bids have already been placed.

Some coins were sold for impressive amounts in the past sale. A Rare Circa 1967 GM Roller Press Pattern was sold for $724.50; a choice About UNC 1889-CC Morgan Dollar was sold for $6,785, a Rare 1915 Cuban Proof 5 Centavo was sold for $1,408.75; a near Gem MS-64 1900 Lafayette Dollar was sold for $1,955.00; a certified 1796 Small Eagle Bust Dollar was sold for $4,197.5; a 1875 $2.0; a “Lazy Deuce” National Currency in VG was sold for $2,127.50; an MS-63 1901 $10.00 Liberty was sold for $1,006.00.

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