New Australian $10 Bill to be Introduced in September

12 Aug 2017  Sat

Australia is going to release new $10 note on 20th September. The features on the new notes would be the same as that of last year’s new $5 note.

The security features include a clear top-to-bottom window and a tactile feature for vision-impaired people. Famous Australian writers Dame Mary Gilmore and Banjo Paterson will be featured on the new notes.

The Reserve Bank has been working with cash handlers, businesses and machine manufacturers to ensure that the new notes can be used for everyday transactions and depositing machines.

Other features of the new note include:

A changing colour effect upon tilting; a mix of security features in the clear top-to-bottom window; an image of the nib of a pen; a flying cockatoo that will move its wings and change colour; a sulphur-crested cockatoo, to name a few.

Existing series of banknotes with all earlier issued banknotes will be legal tender, even after the new notes are released.