A hoard of coins found in Karnataka

19 May 2017  Fri

Since eons, people have buried their treasure to keep them safe from authorities and rovers. Every now and then, one lucky person finds this long forgotten treasure. One such earthen–pot containing 435 ancient coins was found by a very lucky farmer Lakshmamma.

This hoard of coins was found during the crater work under way for construction of the house in Bansamudra of Malavalli taluk ( Madya, Karnataka). These coins are believed to be at least few centuries old. br>
A study would be conducted to ascertain the oldness and exact period of the construction site and coins by the experts from the Archaeological Survey of India. These coins are currently housed by the Revenue department. br>
This discovery is still under investigation as per the procedures of Revenue department and Archeologically Survey of India. To know more about the discovery of coin hoards click here.