Coinage of Troas: Sigeum

19 May 2017  Fri

In the past two days, we have studied about the Alexandrian, Ilium and Abydus coinage of Troas.

Belonging mainly between 4thto 5th century B.C., the coinage of Troas can be divided into four distinct region groups Alexandria , Ilium , Abydus and Sigeum.

Today we shall learn a little more about the coinage of Troas, Sigeum. This coinage can further be divided between two rulers of Seleucids- Seleucus II and Antiochus Hierax.

In 302 BC King Lysimachus took Sigeum by force when it refused to come over willingly from the side of Antigonus I. The silver Tetradrachms, like that of Alexandria, depict Apollo standing near a tripod or seated on an omphalos. They bear the standard weight of 16 grams.

The obverse of these coins has the bust of either Seleucus II or Antiochus Hierax. The coin portrayed alongside is a Silver Tetradrachm issued by Seleucus II. On the obverse is the bust of Seleucus II facing right while the reverse has the portrait of Apollo standing left, holding an arrow in her right hand and resting her left elbow on a tripod. The legend “SELEUCUS” has been inscribed vertically on both sides.