Stonemasonry, Goldsmithery and Tailoring on Stamps

21 Apr 2017  Fri

A new series of stamps were released by Liechtenstein on 6th March featuring trades and crafts. A 2-franc denomination is part of the 2017 Sepac series which is also based on the same theme. The word “sepac”, name of designer, R. (Rene) Wolfinger, and the year date are featured on the stamp.

The Small European Postal Cooperation is made of 14 small postal administrations in Europe that issue commonly-themed stamps. The stamps feature pictograms of tools to represent stonemasonry on the 1.30fr denomination, tailoring on the 1.80fr, and goldsmithery on the 2fr. Tools like hammers, chisels, scissors, measuring tape, a thimble, a sewing machine, pliers, and a screw clamp are depicted. Stonemasonry and goldsmithery were prevalent in ancient times and tailory became popular in the 12th century.