Green Turtle on Titanium Coins

20 Mar 2017  Mon

Limited Titanium and Cupro Nickel coins featuring two swimming turtles and the sun were issued by Pobjoy Mint. It is also the first ever Titanium coin produced for the British Indian Ocean Territory. It is very difficult to achieve such high detailing on titanium coins as the metal is very hard. The metal also reacts differently with every strike making each coin unique in terms of colour and a special lined effect. The obverse features the common portrait of Queen Elizabeth II in exceptional detail.

Green Turtles are green in colour because of the fat found beneath their shells which are actually are brown and black in colour. They live in shallow lagoons but also migrate to far locations between feeding and nesting grounds.

Chagos Islands and Diego Garcia of British Indian Ocean Territory is where these large turtles are found majorly. These areas are protected for conservation. Younger turtles are carnivorous and they turn completely herbivorous as they turn older. They can all hold their breath for up to 5 hours which helps them when they go out in the waters to feed.

The coins come specially packaged with a Certificate of Authenticity. The mintage limit of the Titanium coin is 7,500 while that of the Cupro-nickel coin is 10,000.