Sailoz Mookherjea’s ‘The Mosque’ Painting

01 Feb 2017  Wed

Everything seems to be picture perfect when it comes to Art. Art is something where painters speak their mind. Paintings are not just a piece of art but the visualization of the artist.

In India the concept of art started since the Pre historic times and has continued till date. In a country like India, it has given birth to various great artists.

Sailoz Mookherjea (1906–1960) was one of the modern Indian painters. He showed a flair for simplification of forms, vigorous lines and dynamic movement. His work was deeply inspired by people and the environment.

His art includes simplification of form and vibrancy which were derived from his years in Europe and inspiration from works of Matisse, but his main influences were folk art and Basohli miniatures. He focused on themes such as oneness with nature and rural serenity. His lines were bold and colour technique powerful.

India Post released a stamp in 1978 for Sailoz Mookherjea by portraying his famous painting ‘The Mosque’ having the face value of 50 Paisa. The painting depicts two female walking out from a beautiful white mosque.

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