Chinese Panda Medals Celebrate Berlin Exhibition

28 Jan 2017  Sat

1,000 8-gram silver 2017 Berlin Chinese Panda medals and 20 special 1-ounce gold medals celebrate an exhibition of Chinese coins at the World Money Fair in Berlin from 2nd to 5th February. Three versions of the medal with the first ever Panda 8-gram silver show medal will be released. The 1-ounce silver medal costs €89 and the 8-gram silver medal costs at €39.

The obverse features a Berlin bear and Chinese Panda bear along with the inscriptions SINO-GERMAN FRIENDSHIP, BERLIN SPECIAL EXHIBIT, two Chinese coins and Chinese inscriptions. The reverse shows the German Parliament building, the TV tower in Berlin, the World Money Fair logo, and many English and Chinese inscriptions.

The coins showcased at the exhibition were once part of the Howard Bowker Collection. They were then donated to the Mortizberg Art Museum in Halle, Germany. The exhibition there will end on 29th January, after which it will be moved to Berlin. The Chinese coins were struck by Germany mints as China began minting many machine-struck coins during the 800s and 1900s. The exhibit will also showcase modern Chinese coins created by Yu Min and other designers.

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