The Hero of Marwar- Rana Pratap Singh

19 Jan 2017  Thu

‘Rajasthan’ means the land of the Kings. It has given birth to various great warriors and among one of them is Rana Pratap Singh.

Born on 9th May 1540 he is remembered for his chivalry and bravery as he stood up against the Mughals. The Haldighati Battle is the most famous battle fought between the Mughals and Rana Pratap. Though the Mughals won the battle, Maharana did not accept the defeat and after that, he kept on attacking the Mughals with Guerilla warfare. ‘Rana Pratap’ is one of the bravest King of India.

We all have heard about his beloved horse Chetak. But the lesser known fact is that Chetak was a pure Marwari breed!

Chetak’s loyalty towards his owner is very heart warming. He was with his owner till his last breath and also rescued him from the battlefield to a safe place in spite of having a fatal wound himself. There are many ballads sung in Marwari about this great warrior and his horse Chetak.

Maharana Pratap died on 19th Jan 1597, after sustaining an injury while hunting. Historical documents claim that Pratap died due to over bleeding after his intestinal nerve broke open while practicing hunting.

Brave souls don't die, they become eternal! Whenever the Indian history will be entertained, Maharana Pratap Singh of Mewar will always be remembered as an idol of determination, self-respect, and patriotism. India issued commemorative coins of Rana Pratap Singh having the face value of INR 100, INR 10 and INR 1 in 2003. It portrays the bust of Rana Pratap facing left with his name around in Hindi and English with his birth and death year (1540-1578).

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