World's smallest and largest

29 Nov 2016  Tue

We want our banknotes to generally fit into our pockets. But there some which are so big that they won’t fit and some are so small that we are bound to lose them.

World’s largest banknote measures roughly the size of a sheet of legal paper!

The largest single banknote of 1, 00,000 pesos was printed by the Government of the Philippines in 1998. It was designed to celebrate a century of independence from Spanish rule. The note is 8 ½ inches wide and 11 inches long. The note, printed in limited edition, was offered only to collectors for a price of 180,000 pesos, or about $3,700 each.

Now to the world’s smallest!

The 10-bani note, a 1917 First World War emergency issue of the Ministry of Finance of Romania, measured 27.5 x 38 mm (1.08 x 1.49 in)!

Setting the world record for the smallest paper money, the note is printed in green or orange. Its obverse displays Ferdinand I of Romania, while its reverse displays the coat of arms of Romania.

Interesting isn’t it? Collect the two!

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