Gold Tanka of Fath Khan

02 Nov 2016  Wed

Fath Shah was the Sultan of Kashmir. He had ruled Kashmir for three different years, His first reign (AH 892-904; AD 1487-1499); His second reign dated from (AH 910-920; AD 1505-1514) and his third reign dated from (AH 921-923; AD 1515-1517).

Fath Shah had struck coins in gold, silver, copper and lead. Due to some reason his gold coins have a date 851. His copper coin is known as Kaserah. His Kaserah is of two types. One without line and knot on the obverse which weighs around 6gm and one with line and knot weighs around 5-5.5gm.

This gold tanka which weighs around 11.8gm reads as “Kibr-i-mamlakat kih muhr (mihr)-i-daulut ast, Sikkah-i-fath shah sultan in Kashmir ast” meaning “the glory of the kingdom, which is the mohur (sun) of the state, is the coin of Fath shah of Kashmir”. And the reverse of the coin reads as ”la ilaha illallah Muhammad Rasulullah” in center within the circle and name of the mint and date in the margin

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