Khwarazmian sultan Jalal ad-Din Mangubarni

10 Mar 2021  Wed

Jalal ad-Din Mingburnu (Turkic for "Godgiven") also known as Jalal ad-Din Khwarazmshah, was the last ruler of the Khwarezmian Empire. Though little is known of the story of Jalal al-Din Khwarazmshah compared to that of other rulers, it is quite an epic one, especially given his encounter with Genghis Khan.

Following the defeat of his father, Ala ad-Din Muhammad II by Genghis Khan in 1220, Jalal ad-Din Mengubirti came to power but he rejected the title shah that his father had assumed and called himself sultan.

Due to the Mongol invasion, the sacking of Samarkand and being deserted by his Afghan allies, Jalal ad-Din was forced to flee to India. The cities of Herat, Ghazni and Merv were destroyed and massacred by the Mongols. Jalal ad-Din Mingburnu spent three years in exile in India before returning to Persia. He gathered an army and re-established a kingdom. He lost his power over Persia.

Depicted here is silver Dirham issued in the reign of Jalal al-Din Mangubarni. It depicted the beautiful Kufic legend on its both face. The obverse has an inscription ‘Jalal al-Dunya wa al-Din Mangubarni bin al-sultan. On the other hand, the reverse bore with ‘al-Mustansir billah al-amir al-mu'minin’ (al-Mustansir billah al-amir Commander of the faithful); floral ornament above.

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