Wladyslaw II Jagiello crowned King of Poland

04 Mar 2021  Thu

Jogaila was the grand duke of Lithuania (as Jogaila, 1377–1401) and the king of Poland (1386–1434), who joined two states that became the leading power of Eastern Europe. He was the founder of Poland’s Jagiellon dynasty.

Born a pagan, in 1386 he converted to Catholicism and was baptized as Wladyslaw in Krakow, married the young Queen Jadwiga. In 1387 he converted Lithuania to Christianity. His own reign in Poland started in 1399, upon the death of Queen Jadwiga, and lasted a further thirty-five years and laid the foundation for the centuries-long Polish–Lithuanian union.

He was a member of the Jagiellonian dynasty in Poland that bears his name and was previously also known as the Gediminid dynasty in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The dynasty ruled both states until 1572 and became one of the most influential dynasties in late medieval and early modern Europe. During his reign, the Polish-Lithuanian state was the largest state in the Christian world.

Here is a Denar issued under his reign from Krakau mint. The obverse of a coin depicts the crown eagle on the other hand the reverse of a coin represents the crown.

Image Source: https://www.coinshome.net

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