National Heroes Day in Antigua and Barbuda

09 Dec 2020  Wed

Every year people of Antigua and Barbuda commemorate the heroes of their nation December 9. This observance is known as National Heroes Day.

National Heroes Day is observed to celebrate the lives of outstanding people, who made great contributions to the development of the nation. The date of the holiday is chosen to be December 9, that is the birthday anniversary of the first hero of Antigua and Barbuda, Sir Vere Cornwall Bird. He served as the first Prime Minister from November 1, 1981, to March 9, 1994, and he's generally regarded as the father of the nation.

The other four heroes, who are commemorated on this day are Sir Vivian Alexander Richards, King “Prince Klass” Court, Dame Georgiana Nellie Robinson, and Sir George H. Walter. To commemorate Sir Vere Cornwall Bird, the country issued a set of four stamps in the year 2009 depicting different portraits of the Sir Bird.

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