Reign of Oljaitu

08 Dec 2020  Tue

Oljaitu also known as khodabandeh from Persian meaning the "slave of God" or "servant of God" was the eighth Ilkhanid dynasty ruler from 1304 to 1316 in Tabriz, Iran. His name "Olziit" means "blessed" in the Mongolian language.

He was the son of the Ilkhan ruler Arghun, brother and successor of Mahmud Ghazan (5th successor of Genghis Khan), and great-grandson of the Ilkhanate founder Hulagu. He arrived in Ujan plains on 9 July 1304 and was crowned on 19 July 1304.

Upon accession, he made several appointments, such Qutluqshah to the post of commander-in-chief of Ilkhanate army, Rashid al-Din and Sa'd al-Din Savaji as his viziers on 22 July 1304. Another political decision was revoking Kerman from Qutluqkhanid Qutb al-Din Shah Jahan on 21 April same year. Oljaitu appointed his father-in-law and uncle Irinjin to viceroyalty of Anatolia on 27 June 1305.

His reign also saw a wave of migration from Central Asia during in 1306. Depicted here is a 1 Fulus issued under his reign from Kazerun mint.

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