Unheard Stories of Ramayana – Sita

11 Nov 2020  Wed

The Ramayana is one of the two great epics of India. But a lot of stories from Ramayan are not very well-known. Here is a compilation of some such interesting tales...! This story is about Agni Pariksha of Sita.

There are many alternate versions of both the great epics of India which give different outlook, narrations and the scenarios of the original story. Similarly, the famous story of Sita’s abduction and Agnipariksha has a different outlook.

According to the Skanda Purana; Sita who Ravana abducted and the one who did the Agnipravesham was not Sita at all. She was Maya Sita. Agni’s consort Swaha had transformed herself into Sita. Before the Sita-Haran incident could occur, Agni had already taken Sita to Patalloka and kept his own wife 'Swaha' in her place.

The above stamp was issued by the Kingdom of Laos in the year 1969 with the denomination of 30 Lao kips which depicts Sita’s Agni Pariksha.

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Image Courtesy: Colnect.com

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