Battle of Angamos Day in Peru

08 Oct 2020  Thu

Battle of Angamos Day, also known as Navy Day is celebrated on October 8. It commemorates the anniversary of the creation of the Peruvian Navy (1821) and of the naval Battle of Angamos fought in 1879 during the War of the Pacific.

The Peruvian Navy was officially established by General Jose de San Martin on October 8, 1821. It was engaged in the Peruvian War of Independence and a number of wars between Peru and neighbouring states. In 1879, Peru entered into war against Chile and allied Bolivia. This war is known as the War of the Pacific.

The Battle of Agnamos was the decisive battle of the naval campaign of the war. The Peruvian Navy suffered a crushing defeat and was unable to prevent the invasion of the territory of Peru. One of the reasons for the defeat was the death of Admiral Miguel Grau Seminario, who was killed in a four against one duel. Battle of Angamos Day was established to commemorate Admiral Grau and all those who died during the battle.

The Banco Central de Reserva del Peru issued Peruvian Sol banknotes in 12 different denominations, including this 1,000 Peruvian Intis banknote. These banknotes show Miguel Maria Grau Seminario, known as the Caballero de Los Mares (Knight of the Seas) for his gallant behaviour during battle. The backside of the note shows a crew of fishermen repairing nets, with fishing boats in the background.

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