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Edgar the Peaceful became king of England

01 Oct 2020  Thu

Edgar known as the Peaceful or the Peaceable was King of the English from 959 until his death. He was the younger son of Edmund I and Elfgifu of Shaftesbury, and came to the throne as a teenager, following the death of his older brother Eadwig. He was efficient and tolerant of local customs, and his reign was peaceful. He was most important as a patron of the English monastic revival.

He is regarded as the first ruler of a consolidated England. As well as being the first to rule the three major kingdoms of Northumbria, Mercia and Wessex. As king, Edgar further consolidated the political unity achieved by his predecessors, with his reign being noted for its relative stability. His most trusted advisor was Dunstan, whom he recalled from exile and made Archbishop of Canterbury. The pinnacle of Edgar's reign was his coronation at Bath in 973, which was organised by Dunstan and forms the basis for the current coronation ceremony. After his death, he was succeeded by his son Edward, although the succession was disputed.

Edward`s coins follow the pattern of his father`s reform type with a Royal Portrait. The above-shown coin of Edgar struck in Winchcombe in Gloucestershire.

Image Source: Wikipedia.org

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