Distinguish chariots on Roman Coins

03 Sep 2020  Thu

Ancient civilization used chariots for war, racing, processions and travel. Its evidence is reflected through coinage of the Roman civilization. On these ancient coins the chariots are illustrated being driven by emperors, important personages and even gods and goddesses. The chariots are usually pulled by the horse but in this coinage we also get chariots pulled by serpents, elephants, bulls, etc.

The excitement related to the chariot is quit archetypal. The Latin words ‘Carrus’ is the root for the English world ‘chariot’. The descriptions of Roman historian and the excitement expressed in there writing was phenomenal, when they talk about the chariot racing around the Circus Maximum in Rome. Some of the animals were particularly assigned to pull the chariot for the important people of the empire. So let explore the amazing illustration of chariots on Roman coins.

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