Empress Zewditu – Ethiopia’s First Female Head of State

02 Apr 2020  Thu

Zewditu was the first empress regnant of the Ethiopian Empire from 1916 to 1930. It is a great significance in the history of the Ethiopian Empire as well as African history as she became the first female head of an internationally recognized state in Africa in the 19th and 20th centuries.
br> Born as Askala Maryam on April 29, 1876, in the Harrar in Enjersa Goro Province, Ethiopia, her father was Menelikh II at that point the king of Shewa and the future emperor of Ethiopia. In 1916, Zawditu became the Empress of Ethiopia and was given the title the King of Queens.

Today on April 2nd1930, After 13 years on the throne, Empress Zawditu died in mysterious and conflicting circumstances. Many Ethiopian claims that empress Zawditu's death was caused due to her husband's death and she was broken hearted. Some claim Ras Tefari was involved in her death, as he was eager to become the next Emperor.
br> Depicted here is a gold 1/8 of Addis Ababa mint. The obverse of a coin depicts Crowned and veiled bust of Empress Zewditu. The reverse of a coin engraved Crowned Lion of Judah left, head facing, holding banner over shoulder; effaced legend below.
br> Image Source: https://www.cngcoins.com/

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