New Romanian Stamp Based on the Theme "113 Years of Luck"

17 Sep 2019  Tue

Romania issued a new commemorative stamp on Friday, 13th September, based on the theme - 113 years of luck. The stamp celebrates the 113th anniversary of Romanian State Lottery. The 8.50-leu stamp shows the number “13” on one of the two lottery balls. The single-digit “1” is depicted on the other ball. When you hold the stamp under a UV light source, you will notice a clover with four leaves between the lottery balls. A portion of the Romanian state lottery’s emblem features this clover symbol. The same symbol is also depicted on the selvage holding a pane of five stamps. The stamps can also be availed in a pane of 28.

The Romanian state lottery has improved the standard of living of participants over the last century, ever since it was established in 1906. Many individuals across the globe are scared of the number 13 as it is generally associated with evil spirits. At the same time, it is also believed that the same number brings in good luck as well.

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Image Courtesy: Posta Romana

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