Last Definitive Stamp of Nizam

17 Sep 2019  Tue

The last postage stamps of the State of Hyderabad were issued in the year 1947 before India achieved independence and way before Hyderabad joined the Indian Union.

The Nizam government had set a rare record not only in printing its own currency and minting coins but also managing its own post offices. It was one of those princely states which its own postage. The first postal stamp was issued in 1866-67 CE during the reign of Nawab Afzal-ud-Dowlah, Nizam V.

The last stamps of the Hyderabad Post were issued in the year 1947 during the reign of Mir Osman Ali Khan. The last set of stamps included 4 commemorative and 1 definitive stamps. The commemorative set included four stamps depicting buildings.

The definitive stamp of Nizam is a 4 pies stamp with black print on white. The stamp depicts the coat of arms of the state of Hyderabad in the oval vignette in the center with the moon and a star on the above. The Denomination flanks the coat of arms both in Roman and Arabic.

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