North Korean National Day

09 Sep 2019  Mon

Observed on the 9th day of the 9th month, the North Korean National Day is the day of the Foundation of the Republic. Also sometimes known as Republic day 9th September is the National Day of North Korea. Because the date is September 9th, it is also called '9 9'. The holiday commemorates the founding of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) on September 9th, 1948.

In August 1945, after defeat in World War II by American and Soviet forces, Imperial Japan gives up control of Korea, which it had annexed in 1910. Following the liberation from Japan, the country was divided along the 38th parallel into zones of occupation by the victorious Americans and Soviets. As a result, the Korean peninsula was divided into two countries.

A communist Soviet military regime was set up in the northern part of Korea. A new Supreme People's Assembly was elected in August 1948, and on September 3rd, 1948, a new constitution was promulgated. On September 9th, 1948, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea was proclaimed, with Kim Il-sung as Premier.

North Korean Post issued a commemorative stamp with the denomination of 50 North Korean chon to celebrate Founding of the People's Republic of Korea. The stamp with printed in blue on white and depicts North Korean flag over the landscape with the date 1948.9.9 above the flag.

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