Kyrgyzstan Independence Day

31 Aug 2019  Sat

August 31, 1991, is the day when Kyrgyzstan got independent from the Soviet Union. The decision of Independence on 31st August 1991 was welcome by the common people as it was in their interest.

The Soviet influence started in Kyrgyzstan in early 1919. The major oppression experienced during the Stalin days though. Though they were under the Soviet bear hug they still managed to retain and develop a lot of social, cultural and educational aspect. The Soviet hold on Kyrgyzstan was not exactly like a typical colony these European countries had in Asia, Africa and other parts of the world however, they were far from being independent.

In June 1990, ethnic tensions between Uzbeks and Kyrgyz surfaced in the southern Kyrgyzstan, where Uzbeks form a minority of the population. The Kyrgyzstan Democratic Movement (KDM) had developed into a significant political force with support in Parliament. By the end of the year 1990, the Supreme Soviet voted to change the republic's name to the Republic of Kyrgyzstan.

The mass resignation of the secretariat and bureau turned the tide and the Supreme Soviet voted in favor of Kyrgyzstan’s independence. In 1993, the first constitution was adopted, which has changed several times in 20 years. In the years since independence, Kyrgyzstan has had two revolutions, each putting the first two Presidents of Kyrgyzstan in exile in Russia and Belarus respectively.

The stamp shown above was issued to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Independence of Kyrgyzstan. The stamp shown above is the liberty monument of Kyrgyzstan. The denomination value is seen on the top left corner and the name of the country and the issued year of the stamp is in the left field of the stamp.

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