Shahrukhi of Mughal Emperor Babur

29 Aug 2019  Thu

Shahrukhi are the thin and broad piece coins which weigh around 72 grains (4-5) grams. This denomination was issued by the first three rulers of Mughal Empire Babur, Humayun, and Akbar during their reign. This denomination was first issued by Timurid rulers named Shah Rukh in the early 15th Century. The obverse of this coin is inscribed with Kalima with the names of the four Khalifas and their epithet in the margin. The reverse of these coins depicts names and title of the king with mint name and date.

Shahrukhi issued by Mughal Emperor Babur bears the title ‘Al-Sultan Al-Azam Wa Al-Khakan Al-Mukarram Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur Badshah Ghazi. He had issued this coin from the mint Agra, Jaunpur, Kabul, and Lahore. He had also issued from the mint-like Badakhshan and Samarkand, which lies outside the country. Some of the coins which are issued from the Badakhshan, Samarkand, and Kabul are counter struck by Babur himself by the device with which he had counter struck Shaybanid Coins. These counter struck coins are of three types.

1. Adl Babur arranged inside a small cartouche in the forms of ornamental diamond.
2. Zahirruddin Muhammad Babur arranged in a cartouche shaped like an inverted heart.
3. Adl Babur Ghazi within a lined quarter-foil.
This silver Shahrukhi which weighs around 4.67g was issued by Babur from the mint Kabul in the Hijri Year 935.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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